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Looks fashion is a fashion appeal company.

01. The Challenge

Working with Looks Fashion and Apparel presented several challenges during the process of creating their brand identity and branding strategy. These challenges encompassed various aspects of the project and required effective problem-solving and collaboration to overcome. Here are some of the key challenges we encountered:

Lack of Clarity in Brand Vision: At the outset of the project, Looks Fashion had difficulty articulating a clear and cohesive brand vision. This made it challenging to develop a brand identity that truly represented their essence. We had to invest extra time in extensive discussions and brainstorming sessions to align our creative direction with their values and goals.

Changing Design Preferences: Looks Fashion went through several iterations of design preferences throughout the project. As a result, it became challenging to finalize certain elements, such as the logo and character design. Continuous shifts in preferences caused delays in the branding process and required us to remain adaptable and patient.

Budget Constraints: Like many startups or small businesses, Looks Fashion had budget limitations. Creating a comprehensive brand identity and strategy along with photography and package designs necessitated careful resource allocation. We needed to find innovative ways to deliver high-quality results while adhering to their budgetary constraints.

Tight Timelines: Looks Fashion had ambitious launch plans, which put pressure on us to deliver within tight timelines. Developing a complete brand identity, packaging designs, and conducting product and fashion photography required meticulous planning and coordination. Meeting deadlines without compromising on quality was an ongoing challenge.

Inexperienced Social Media Management: Setting up and managing Looks Fashion’s Facebook and Instagram pages posed challenges. The company lacked experience in social media management, leading to inconsistent content posting, engagement, and follower growth. We had to provide additional support and guidance to help them navigate the world of social media effectively.

Market Competition: The fashion industry is highly competitive, and Looks Fashion faced challenges in differentiating themselves from established brands and capturing their target audience’s attention. Crafting a unique brand tone and positioning required extensive market research and creativity.

Integration of Brand Guidelines: After establishing the brand guidelines, ensuring that all stakeholders, including employees and external partners, adhered to them proved to be a challenge. Maintaining consistency across all touchpoints, both online and offline, required constant monitoring and communication.

Cultural Sensitivity in Fashion Photography: During the fashion photography phase, we encountered challenges related to cultural sensitivity and inclusivity. Ensuring that the models, styling, and overall representation resonated with a diverse audience was of utmost importance, and required careful consideration and execution.

02. The Solution


Brand Vision Workshops: To address the lack of clarity in Looks Fashion’s brand vision, we conducted in-depth workshops with the company’s stakeholders. These sessions allowed us to better understand their values, target audience, and long-term goals. Through collaborative discussions and brainstorming, we were able to refine their brand essence and create a clear vision that guided our creative direction.

Iterative Design Process: To manage changing design preferences, we implemented an iterative design process. We regularly presented design concepts and prototypes to Looks Fashion, gathering feedback at each stage. This allowed us to adapt to their evolving preferences and make necessary adjustments while ensuring progress was not hampered.

Resourceful Solutions: To overcome budget constraints, our team adopted resourceful solutions. We explored cost-effective materials for packaging designs without compromising on quality. Additionally, we optimized the fashion photography process by utilizing natural lighting and in-house talent, reducing the need for expensive studio setups.

Efficient Project Management: To meet tight timelines, our team employed efficient project management practices. We created a detailed timeline, setting clear milestones for each phase of the project. Regular meetings and progress updates ensured everyone remained on track, minimizing delays and maximizing productivity.

Social Media Training and Support: To address the lack of social media management experience, we provided Looks Fashion with tailored training and support. We offered guidance on content creation, scheduling, and engagement strategies. Additionally, we collaborated closely to curate an engaging content calendar that aligned with their brand tone.

Market Research and Differentiation: To tackle market competition, we conducted comprehensive market research to identify gaps and opportunities. Armed with insights, we strategically positioned Looks Fashion as a brand that offered unique and trend-setting fashion, effectively differentiating them from competitors.

Brand Guideline Education: To ensure consistent brand representation, we conducted internal workshops and training sessions to educate Looks Fashion’s employees and partners about the brand guidelines. This fostered a deeper understanding of the brand’s identity and tone, enabling seamless implementation across various channels.

Inclusive Fashion Photography: To address cultural sensitivity, we emphasized inclusivity during the fashion photography process. We collaborated with a diverse group of models and stylists to ensure representation that resonated with Looks Fashion’s global audience. This approach allowed us to celebrate diversity while staying true to the brand’s values.

By combining effective communication, flexibility, and a collaborative approach, our team successfully navigated these challenges. Our ability to adapt, problem-solve, and work closely with Looks Fashion and Apparel ensured the project’s success in creating a compelling brand identity and branding strategy for the fashion appeal company.


03. The Result

We were able to create a strong brand presence forLooks Fashion that emphasized its unique craftsmanship and dining experience, differentiating it from competitors and creating a strong connection with its target audience.

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