Escalar Global Pte Limited


Escalar Global Pte Limited is a company that helps businesses in different industries like aerospace, defense, security, technology, and government services. They give advice and support to these businesses to help them solve problems and make better financial decisions. Escalar Global is known for finding new and creative solutions to help businesses succeed.

01. The Challenge

  • Understanding the company’s areas of expertise: Escalar Global Ltd. helps businesses in different industries like aerospace, defense, security, technology, and government services. It can be difficult to understand the specific needs and challenges of each industry and how the company can help them.
  • Creating content for “dual-purpose” technologies: Escalar Global Ltd. focuses on technologies that can be used for both commercial and military purposes. It can be hard to understand complex military information like Future Warfare Ecosystem and Future Commando Force training. Designing content that explains the benefits and uses of these technologies clearly can be challenging.
  • Designing a website that balances military and futuristic design: Escalar Global Ltd. works in both military and commercial sectors. Designing a website that combines a strong military look with a modern and futuristic design can be difficult. The website needs to show strength and stability while also looking innovative and forward-thinking. Finding the right balance between these two styles can be a challenge.
  • Creating a consistent brand voice: It’s important for Escalar Global Ltd. to have a consistent way of speaking and writing across all their content. This helps people recognize the brand and trust the company.

02. The Solution

During the brand discovery and research phase, we discovered that Escalar Global Ltd has “dual-purpose” technologies with applications in both commercial and military settings. The company helps their clients improve their financial and social value by coming up with unique and creative financial solutions. With this in mind, we decided to create a brand identity for Escalar Global Ltd that shows both strength and reliability, as well as innovation and global reach.

Brand Mark: For the brand mark, we chose an image of an eagle in flight, holding the Earth in its talons. The eagle is a symbol of strength, power, and freedom often associated with the military and government. The Earth being carried by the eagle represents how the company operates globally and focuses on defense and security.

Brand identity and guideline

Color Pallette: For the colors, we chose blue, grey, and white. Blue represents trust, security, and intelligence. Grey represents neutrality, sophistication, and stability. The color white, used for the eagle and text, represents purity, clarity, and simplicity.

Brand Messaging and Tone of Voice: The design language of Escalar Global Ltd emphasizes the company’s expertise and experience in defense and security technologies, as well as its focus on innovation and cutting-edge solutions. The company values quality and reliability, which are really important in the defense industry.

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03. The Result

By keeping a consistent brand identity, color palette, and message, Escalar Global Ltd can make its brand more well-known and respected in the industries it works in. The eagle logo shows strength and power, and the blue and grey colors make people feel like they can trust the company, which is really important in the defense and security industries.

The way Escalar Global Ltd talks about itself and the tone of its voice can help them show that they’re a modern and creative business. They’re good at finding new and clever solutions for their clients’ problems. By talking about how important quality and reliability are to them, Escalar Global Ltd can make their clients trust them more and stand out from other companies in the same field.