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Luxe Ceramics is a company based in Bangladesh that produces and exports special bone china dinnerware to Dubai. They are known for their excellent skills and hard work in creating beautiful dining sets. Luxe Ceramics cares about giving their customers an amazing experience when they dine. They make unique and top-quality pieces of dinnerware that are both useful and nice to look at. Their dinnerware collections can make any meal special and unforgettable.

01. The Challenge

As a branding experts, our job is to create a logo and brand guidelines for Luxe Ceramics. We follow a 5-step process to make sure the brand is strong and connects with the right people. These steps are:

  1. Brand discovery phase
  2. Brand research phase
  3. Brand design phase
  4. Brand style guide phase
  5. Brand implementation phase

However, we faced some challenges along the way:

  • Brand name and competition: 

It was hard to create a unique brand identity for Luxe Ceramics when there were other brands with the same name and similar colors.

  • Craftsmanship vs. traditional luxury: 

Shifting the focus of Luxe Ceramics’ branding from traditional luxury to emphasizing craftsmanship and the dining experience was challenging. It needed a different approach to connect with the right audience.

  • Designing a logo: 

Creating a logo that effectively represents the surprising craftsmanship and dining experience of Luxe Ceramics was difficult, especially with other brands having the same name.

  • Developing a brand style guide: 

Making a comprehensive guide that includes colors, fonts, messaging, and tone of voice was a challenge. It required careful thinking about how all these elements work together.

  • Implementing the brand identity: 

Making sure the new Luxe Ceramics brand is used consistently in packaging, advertising, and online presence was challenging. It needed coordination and consistency in how it looked and sounded.

Luxe Ceramics Art
Mood board and brand identity creation

02. The Solution

Brand discovery phase: 

We had to design a logo for Luxe Ceramics. We started by learning about the company in the brand discovery phase. It came to our notice that other brands had the same name and used golden colors to show luxury. These brands were already well-known, which made it harder for Luxe Ceramics to stand out.

Brand research phase:

In the brand research phase, we looked at the target audience, competitors, and industry trends. We wanted to find something unique that would make Luxe Ceramics different. We discovered that the craftsmanship and dining experience were important factors, so we focused on those in the brand design phase.

Brand design phase:

During the brand design phase, a new brand meaning had to be created that emphasized the surprising craftsmanship and amazing dining experience of Luxe Ceramics. We tried different designs and eventually chose one that showed different dinnerware shapes and used a full moon to represent the high quality of the products.

Brand style guide phase:

In the brand style guide phase, we established the guidelines for how the brand should look and sound. Specific colors, fonts, and imagery were chosen that represent Luxe Ceramics. We used the fonts Cinzel and Work Sans, which are both versatile and can be used online and in print.

Brand implementation phase:

Finally, in the brand implementation phase, we worked with Luxe Ceramics to bring the brand to life. We used the new logo on the website and packaging, created marketing materials, and trained employees on how to talk about the brand. We made sure everything was consistent and reflected the brand’s new identity.

Luxe Ceramics Brand Identity
Brand collateral design and printing

03. The Result

By following the 5-step branding process, we successfully established a powerful brand for Luxe Ceramics. This made sure that Luxe Ceramics stood out from other brands and connected well with its customers. The brand highlighted Luxe Ceramics’ special craftsmanship and amazing dining experience, setting it apart from competitors and creating a strong bond with its target audience.

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